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Collages use diverse imagery and styles to produce a beautiful image layout.

They’re often related to scrapbooks but they also find a lot of purpose in different spheres of web and print design. And while moodboards and home-made albums are made by hand, the majority of today’s collages can be created with design softwares, like Canva.

Current trends in collage design has lead to the creation of new better tools for building compelling image compositions. This article will guide you though a series of print & digital collage types, classified into 10 main groups.

Editorial Design – Create Visual Compositions With The Reader in Mind

Magazine editorial design is all about creating pages with appealing layout which offer high readability and grab the readers’ attention through great imagery without making compromises on the importance of text.

01. Mix in Textures

Dash Magazine’s glamorous cover design stays on top of the trend wave via creative image arrangement. The designer Ashkan Honarvar has creatively put collage design into use by mixing artificial texture elements with a model photo to create a fashionable artwork.

02. Create an Out-of-the-Box Grid Design

Presenting a more modern look, this editorial design by Pam & Jenny  is an example of creative grid design put into action.

While the design is clearly based on a grid system, it presents an out-of-the-box approach that implements elements overlapping on other elements while staying in a consistent grid. This style grabs readers attention by playing with image positioning.

03. Mix Subdued Images With Bold Typography

Although it’s a website design, this project for the art noveau building, Fleischmarkt, perfectly presents how a modern layout can be adapted to create visually compelling websites with an editorial feel.

The creative image arrangement and beautiful typography in this brilliant project can be easily recreated with the right set of tools. Go for a grid-based design and play with text size and positioning to create a striking design, like this one.

04. Create Contrast With an Accent Color

Colorful and memorable, the design of F5 magazine presents a wonderful example of how modern-day digital collages can be used in editorial design to create a beautiful layout with high readability and level of reader engagement.

The black-and-white photgraphy combined with the red accent elements creates an eye-catching design that attracts viewers to the imagery.

05. Combine Different Grid Systems

While technically not an editorial piece, Chase Matt’s design certainly looks like one. His fascinating resume makes a perfect example of how editorial style can be infused in other design branches. The resume contains a cleverly arranged set of images.

At first, they seem to be placed on random locations on the page, yet, they actually follow an invisible grid which gives the layout a clean look and high readability. The images perfectly pair up with a sleek font and use white space to create an accent on the main elements in the design.

Newsletter Design – Showcase Products With a Compelling Image Layout

Being one of the primary ways for product and content advertisement, newsletters need to present images in an attention-grabbing layout that reveals the best sides of the products.

The following five designs will give you a better idea on how you can arrange images on your newsletter designs to ensure your readers’ interest.

06. Use Top-Down Photography

This newsletter design for Loeffler Randall presents a trendy product showcase which implements top-down photography and grid-based arrangement. The white space in this design acts as a natural contrast between each product and gives place for a glam title that grabs the viewers’ attention.

07. Assign Separate Sections for Each Image

Align images in each quadrant to create a visual comparison between each one of them. This collage style by BHLDN is perfect for seasonal trends showcasing, like the one in this newsletter, or for the arrangement of service benefits and offer key points in business design.

08. Present Product Images in a Perspective View

The Karen Walker sunglasses collection is brilliantly showcased through pattern-styled image arrangement. This minimalist collage presents a perspective view of the products on a reflective white surface where even the text has taken the proper angular position in the virtual three-dimensional space of the products display.

09. Arrange Images According to the “Z” Rule

The use of diverse image sizing and hand-drawn elements in this newsletter’s collage design draws the viewer’s attention towards the main call-to-action sections.

Accoding to the “Z” rule, readers scan and read content with eye-movement that closely resembles the shape of the letter “Z”.  The Banana Republic newsletter puts that rule into use and perfectly illustrates how minimalism can be creatively implemented into modern newsletter design.

10. Use an Alternate Text & Photo Arrangement

Net-a-Porter has nailed it with a visually compelling newsletter design that cleverly uses digital collages to make a beautiful product showcase for their e-mail advertisement. In this example, the alternate text and photo arrangement is used to separate different sections and accentuate each subtitle.

Brochure Design – Spark Viewers’ Interest With These Layout Ideas

The main goal of brochure design is to provide valuable information without making compromises on the design’s quality. Here’s how these five brochure designs deliver high readability and spark reades’ interest with great image arrangement.

11. Create an Abstract Image Layout

The quaint collage-styled design of the Silo Theatre brochure is nothing short of brilliant. The subtle background color and abstract image composition, combined with striking typography in a grid-based arrangemend create a striking brochure design that grabs viewers’ attention.

The rhythmic arrangent of performance-related body parts persent a set of actions referencing Silo Theater’s uncompromising and risk-taking performances.

12. Use Images for Storytelling

Created for Australia’s 500th accredited Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), this fascinating brochure design aims to raise awareness about inequality for indigenous Australians. The design puts storytelling on a whole new level and celebrates the country’s indigenous culture via creative image arrangement that accentuates various indigenous artworks.

13. Use Geometry in Your Collages

This mesmerizing brochure by Aleix Artigal, an inspiring graphic designer based in Barcelona, aims at guiding tourists through the world’s largest Art Nouveau Site.

The brochure provokes viewers thought with a gorgeously styled digital collage. The geometric image layout reveals only a small section of each of the images, which sparks the readers’ curiosity and makes them tantalizingly curious about whole story behind the Art Nouveau Site.

14. Use the Brochure Folds as a Guiding Grid System

The Open Helsinki brochure design is one great example of simplistic collage art used to display various imagery that goes along with a guiding information for tourists.  The text and photo arrangement is perfectly harmonized with the brochure folding and creates a compelling design.

15. Create a Symmetrical Sequence of Images

Each side of this brochure tells a different story to the viewers through creative image arrangement and color use. Recreate the style by building a symmetrical sequence of photos and solid shapes.

Album Cover Design – Illustrate Musical Harmony With Graphic Imagery

CD cover design aims at reflecting music’s atmosphere and transferring it into the visual world. Here’s how these five album cover designs use various image arrangement styles to illustrate the music through visuallity.

16. Make a Mixture of Textured Images

Created by the Oslo-based designer Anna Katrin Karlsson, this impressive CD cover design combines different textures and contrasting images to create an attention-grabbing abstract pattern. This colorful background perfectly offsets the minimalist title, displayed in a white box in the center of the cover design.

17. Create a Broken Mirror-Styled Collage

This vintage-styled album cover for Tegan and Sara can be easily recreated with Canva’s various image frame shapes. Use a guiding photo in the background and overlay it with cropped out variations which play with image size, sharpness or even show the same item shot in a different angle.

18. Play With Image Arrangement Patterns

Another stylish minimalist album cover that can be quickly built with the help of Canva’s available templates. Play around with shape patterns and use an abstract form for greater impact.

19. Use Bold Colors and Abstract Elements

Studio Pilote has managed to nail a hipster, vintage look with the use of bold coloring and abstract shapes. When combined with a matching and equally contrasting image, this eye-candy digital collage can easily grab buyers’ attention.

20. Combine Bold Patterns and Minimalist Fonts

The way the different colors and patterns contrast with the main image builds a striking album cover design that is meant to be on the top-selling list. Akatre Studio has certainly outdone most of the leaders in the album cover design branch with a combination of excellent sans serif typography and clever image composition.

Scrapbook Design – Build Your Visionboard With a Captivating Photo Collage

Have you ever wished to create your very own vision board? Scrapbooks and moodboards are a great way to display ideas, dreams and memories and with the help of Canva, you can easily create a vision board of your own while following the advice below.

21. Give Your Collage a Vintage Appearance

A gorgeous digital collage that quickly grabs viewers’ attention with contrasting image choice and clever layout. Lisa Hedge design is an example of how diverse imagery with similar color scheme can be combined ideally into a beautiful collage.

22. Add Hand-Drawn Elements & Fonts

This bold poster design for the Female Artist Festival perfectly presents traditional scrapbook style put into modern-day design. The imperfectly-cut photo is overlayed with different hand-drawn elements that build a compelling digital collage with an abstract feel.

23. Use Various Filters for Your Photos

A real-life example of scrapbook design that inspires with a creative photo arrangement and text placement. This collage design is both easy-to-recreate and absolutely gorgeous. Various photo filters can be used for a better scrapbook effect.

24. Use Handwriting for a Personable Collage Design

The Notes on Fashion Week is one of the most beautiful digital scrapbooks that can be found on the internet.

Work of Garance Dore, this digital collage combines hand-drawn imagery, photos and writing in a perfect concord that gives each element enough spacing while not separating it from the whole concept.

25. Create a Nature-Infused Collage Design

Another gorgeous digital scrapbook created by Kellyn Walker. This digital collage uses images with different saturation and elegantly combines them with floral elements to create a fabulous vintage design.

Mixed Media – Build Creative 3-Dimentional Collages

The mixed media collages are a representation of digital collages that transfers all elements of the design into the real world.

This type of collages implement the use of mixed media and recreate the designer’s ideas with the use of tactile textures, light and positioning, yet, they’re often created on the basis of digital collages.

26. Overlay Various Gradients

This Brighton-based designer has created an examplary collection of 3-dimentional collages for his solo exhibition in the local Ink-d Gallery. His distinctive artwork implements the use of cut-out paper layers in different gradients which create an immersive 3D collage.

27. Transfer Your 2D Elements Into the 3D World

Work of the talented Canadian designer Susy Oliveira, these giant photo sculpures are an example of how two-dimentional elements can be combined to create three-dimentional figures.

28. Mix Graphic Design With 3D Collages

Eiko Ojala’s is an Estonian designer and illustrator who managed to graphic design with 3d collage techniques into the creation of a beautiful set of unique three-dimentional collages.

The collages are made of various shapes with matching solid colors which make them look like flat 2D graphic even though they’re made out of paper.

29. Layer Images to Create a 3D Effect

The British artist Kerry Miller uses recycled old books to create stunning 3D collages. By layering different cut-out images, she has managed to create a 3D effect and utilized various illustrations to create a glimpse into the past that embraces and celebrates vintage artwork.

30. Combine Various Objects & Elements

Jason Mecier is famous as the artist who creates celebrity portraits from trash.

For the above example he used disposed household products to recreate faces and images with high precision and attention to detail. While his artwork is mostly related to the 3D design, the same effect can be achieved in the creation of digital collages with the use of isolated images of different products.

Poster Design – Make a Statement With a Powerful Photo Combination

Posters are usually informational graphics that present events and ideas through visual content. These five poster design examples will give you a better idea on how to use image arrangement when creating a visually appealing poster design.

31. Implement Contrasting Textures Into Your Designs

The Beato Bigote poster instantly grabs viewer’s attention with its bold and contrasting color choice.

The collage combines images with different texture and shape to draw a female figure that gorgeously stands in the center of the design. The spaced title creates a better accent of the background while maintaining high readability.

32. Use Image Frames With Abstract Shapes

The Heizoose project by Hirofumi Abe, a Germany, and Japan-based designer, presents a beautiful digital collage used as a poster design. The wavy shapes and fresh colors help the slogan naturally stand out.

33. Mix Different Designs to Create a Single Image

Tristan Eaton’s brilliant collage designs should not be missed my anyone who’s interested in modern collage creation. His artwork combines typography, texture, photography and clip art to create striking vintage-styled collages.

34. Split Your Image Into Two Contrasting Sections

The Day-By-Day project poster goes for a fresh Summer look with a bold color palette and good image choice that creates a contrast between fashion and nature. This modern collage is a beautiful example of how digital graphic manipulation and current trends have affected today’s collage design.

35. Build a Minimalist Image Composition

With an industrial look and a clean choice of images and colors, this poster showcases a minimalist representation of new-age collage design. The use of grids and clean product imagery, combined with a sleek typography choice, aids for the creation of minimal-styled designs, like this one.

Web Design – Build a Stunning Web Page Design With Grid & Mosaic Image Arrangement

Grid and mosaic content arrangement have been known as  leading layout styles in contemporary web design. These five beautiful examples of website content layout will give you a better understanding on how the grid system adds value to your web design.

36. Create a Metro-Style Design

Adapting web design to a specific grid is a common practice in modern web page creation. Yet, Pavel Valek’s exceptional design goes beyond the simple grid system.

By using clean product images and photography with high contrast and perfect quality, the designer managed to create a web page design that stands out with an impressive layout.

37. Use Mosaic Image Arrangement

This sleek web page design presents a gorgeous example of how mosaic image arrangement can be an excellent base for image-focused websites.

38. Mix Photos With Bold Fonts in a Sleek Grid Layout

Bold typography and high-resolution images arranged in a sleek grid are what makes this design stand out from the others. Set up your images in a similar position and pick a font that makes a statement to create a similar web page design with a digital collage element.

39. Create a Collage of Different Image Groups

While this page may seem chaotic and cluttered at first, it actually attracts viewers’ attention through smart image choice. Each line represents a sequence of project images that together create a unique digital collage.

40. Place a Color Overlay & Clean Typography on Your Images

Images with high resolution and color overlay can be used as an accenting background for text when the collage design does not allow any additional space for the website copy.

Advertisement Design – Set Up a Memorable Campaign With a Creative Image Composition

Grab your audience’s interest and increse the click-through rate of your online advertisements by following the advice from this five great ad designs.

41. Place a Centralized Call-to-Action Button Surrounded by Various Product Images

This design ideally accents on the main product and draws viewers’ attention to the call-to-action with centralized positioning and frames. Use a solid background and a good product photo in different perspectives or types to create a similar advertisement design.

42. Make a Combination of Different Textures & Colors

Bold color choice and variable patterns make this ad design stand out with a beautiful background. While this design might be a bit overwhelming, thanks to the sufficient amount of white spacing, the call-to-action is clearly visible.

43. Use a Colorful Image Composition in the Background

This advertisement design uses the background as a frame for the main deal. Some elements are cut out in the white box to create a feeling of depth and accent on the text.

44. Use Floral Motives in Your Digital Collages

This glamorous promo ad design uses floral images with a vintage style to create an accent on the sale offer in the center. The solid background and the calligraphy font play a leading role in the creation of an ad design with a traditional look.

45. Create Movement With a Circular Image Arrangement

In this minimalist ad design for World Cup-inspired sneakers, the circular image arrangement, and the smart color choice help for the creation of a unique and appealing design that goes out of the box of the usual minimalist look.

Book & Editorial Design – Inspire Curiosity With a Compelling Digital Collage

Create a balance between text and imagery in your book design with these lovely image layout ideas.

46. Create a Digital Collage With an Artisan Feel

Snask’s book cover and editorial design present a brilliant example of how creatively combined images with a matching color scheme can be the foundation for a striking appearance. The minimalist image arrangement and hand-crafted elements create an artisan feel while the typography and colors keep the current design trends.

47. Arrange Your Images Into Different Shapes

The rhombus-styled image compositions in La Vittoria Book perfectly match the project’s quirky, minimalist design. Randomize your image arrangement and use different shapes to produce a similar layout design.

48. Give Your Images a Solid Color Overlay

With a simple color overlay and an abstract element arrangement, this design quickly catches the eye, transforming into a popular choice for lots of print design branches.

If you’re not sure how to combine your images and colors, you can quickly create a similar design with the use of Canva‘s gorgeous templates.

49. Mix Photos & Gradients

The gorgeous book cover of Circa 1986 uses a beautiful combination of images and colors to represent the book’s main idea. Overlay color gradients and high-quality photography and use a bold font to create a similar book cover design.

50. Combine Photography & Hand-drawn Elements

The book cover of Design Brooklyn combines two photos which follow the diagonal line of the cover design and create a unique split background.

Split your design with a diagonal line and use two contrasting images that allow the placement of an easily readable title to create a book cover design like the one of Design Brooklyn.

Final Step: Put Your Collage Design Ideas Into Action

Creating a compelling design strongly depends on the layout. With the use of Canva’s gorgeous templates and by following the examples of the 50 inspiring layout designs listed above, you’ll be able to quickly create a gorgeous project in every sector of the print and web design.

I’d love to see some of your lovely layout designs created with Canva so feel free to share them in the comments below.

Give your creativity juice a pump and create well-designed pages with these 33 cool scrapbook ideas. They’re sure worth your time, effort, and money!

33 Creative Scrapbook Ideas Every Crafter Should Know

My daughter came to me with a project they have for school, a scrapbook. So, we had our creative juices flowing and worked on her project all night. It turned out better than we expected. So, I’m sharing these 33 scrapbook ideas I found, from scrapbook layout ideas to page ideas, I’m sure your scrapbook will turn out extra special.

1. Use Pressed Flowers

If you don’t want to make flowers from papers, why not press real flowers for your scrapbook project? You can press flowers using a flat iron, flower press, or with wax paper. Pressed flowers will definitely add an extra special touch to your scrapbook design.

Note: Be very careful when handling pressed flowers as they are very fragile.

2. Try These Border Ideas

Working with a plain white paper? It shouldn’t remain like that. Why not, outline the edges of your scrapbook pages with watercolor to give it a whimsical design. Draw freehand some stripes, vines, or ribbons and paint it with watercolor. These border designs add so much style to your scrapbook layout edges.

3. Use Buttons

Make cute shapes and design pages with colorful buttons. Glue or thread your buttons into your paper and photos to add color and create a stunning design on your scrapbook page. Use different colors and kinds of craft buttons to showcase your photos.

4. Use Tabs

This is a fun way to make your scrapbook. Save space and wow anyone who looks at it. Use a washi tape to stick photos on a page, and create a mini flipbook within the pages of your scrapbook. You can also create tabs on each photo to add a little description on it.

5. Paper Flowers

A staple in every scrapbook. Grab a scrapbook paper and paper flower punches to cut out flower shapes. Make as many flowers as you want. Then, layer and glue the flowers together, or pierce a hole in the center and put a brad. Make these beautiful paper flowers with the kids.

6. The Pencil Eraser Design

They used it to design a tote bag but who said it won’t work in a scrapbook. Grab a thick heart template and lay it on the paper. Then, dip the eraser into a paint, press it starting on the edge of the heart, all the way around the template. Make several prints until you are out of paint. Once you’re done, remove the heart template and you should have a beautiful heart shape. Try it in other shapes, too.

7. Travel Scrapbook

Want a theme? Make a scrapbook of the places you’ve visited or planning to visit. It would be so much fun! You can include things like leaves, sand, clouds, or stones! Anything goes with this design.

8. Heart Butterflies

Did you know you can make cute little butterflies with your heart puncher? Interesting, right? Simply fold a patterned paper in half and partially punching the heart shape. Add a little twine to make the body and antennae.

9. Chevron Pattern

Got some paper scraps? Don’t throw them away. Make it useful by turning them into these adorable chevron pattern design. Simply cut patterned paper into strips and segments, and line the paper pieces to create stripes to your scrapbook page. One of the most wonderful scrapbook ideas!

10. Faux-Quilting Technique

If you don’t want to make a chevron pattern, here’s another brilliant idea on how you can use your paper scraps – faux-quilting technique. Transform your scrapbook page into a cozy creation with a few patterned paper scraps, dimensional adhesive and a sewing machine. Simply, adhere your patterned paper squares with dimensional adhesive to create a quilted look. Then, stitch the squares to the page and rough up the edges to get a bit more of a fabric feel. Repeat the process until you achieve a full paper quilt.

11. Embroidered Map

This was done as an artwork but why should it stop you from stealing this idea and add it to your scrapbook? Grab a needle and poke some holes in the map along the route. Then, sew the map along the route using a back stitch. Finish off by embellishing the map with an X at your destination.

12. DIY Mini Hangers

Aren’t they just adorable? Turn plain paperclips into wonderful mini hangers, make a few and add it as a cool embellishment to your scrapbook. To make mini hangers, you only need paper clips and pliers. All you need is to extend the paper clip and bend it accordingly. Then, use your pliers to make a hook. Isn’t this one of the most ingenious scrapbook ideas?

13. The Things I Love

Want to start your scrapbook but not really know what it is about? Why not start with the things you love? I’m sure you’ll be able to make a lot out of that idea. Keep adding photos with beautiful memories and a lot of love with your family and friends!

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— DIY Projects (@DIYProjectsCom) March 21, 2017

14. Use Leaves

Why spend money when nature is giving you all the supplies you need. Gather some leaves and use punchers with different shapes for your scrapbook design. You can use paper stamps to get cute designs from your leaves!

15. Ombre Paint Chip Design

Head over to your local hardware store for some paint chips. Emily Grace from Grace and Good Eats may have used paint chips to make cute little note cards, but I’m sure they will also look perfect in your scrapbook. Make a few punches on the paint chips and create a wonderful layout.

16. Diamond Twine

Aren’t they just adorable? Grab a few craft papers and cut several diamond shapes. Use the cuts as a template to trim your photos with the same shape and size. To create a diamond pattern, use the twine to create the grid, then add your photos and embellishments. And, you’re done!

17. Watercolor Design

Get creative with your life story by using a doily as a mask and paint over the doily a wash color for a unique design. Use a heavy, textured paper with watercolors. This is just a simple trick, but it adds so much flair to your scrapbook pages.

18. Woven Flower

If you really love flowers, here’s a quick and easy DIY tutorial that uses paper flowers and some ribbons. Simply cut slits in the tip of each petal, and punch a hole in the center. Weave the ribbon all the way around your flower. Then, grab some adhesive and glue down your smaller center flower. Lastly, decorate the center of the flower with anything you want. You’ve got yourself a new woven flower.

19. DIY Sand Pocket

Love going to the beach? If you also take a bit of sand every time you visit, add it to your scrapbook. Simply get a plastic film and tape them with some washi tape to seal the sand inside. You may also add a label with the place you collected the sand, along with the date.

20. Washi Tape Banner

Be festive and make a cute little banner with different colored washi tapes. Grab some washi tapes, cut small strips and tape it over twine to create a beautiful washi tape banner. Use a single or different patterns on every page to get varying and creative looks.

21. Photo Map

Use a map as a background for your scrapbook. It’s a great reminder of the places you have or will be visiting. Add a sticky note beside every photo to indicate the date and activities you have done!

22. Photo Strips

Let your creativity go with the scraps and create a beautiful layout design. You may create the layout digitally, but it’s more fun to make it with your hands. Simply cut one of your photos to create strips and group them together. Using photo strips as your background is a fun and creative technique to frame your photos.

23. Band Individual Letter Stamps

To create a perfect word alignment, band together individual letter stamps. Banding together all the letters and stamping the whole word at once helps ensure the letters have good spacing on your scrapbook page.

Note: Make sure to roll the stamp onto your ink pad several times to make sure it’s completely covered with ink.

24. DIY Decorative Clips

Create decorative clips to hold photos. These clips are so easy and quick to put together. You only need a few larger sized paper clips, scraps, some embellishments to decorate with, and a stapler, to create these adorable DIY decorative clips!

25. Use Photo Tiles

For that unique and elegant effect, display photo tiles. To start, choose a photo you want to use, place it face down on a flat surface, draw a grid over the photo and cut it into small squares. Then, have fun rearranging these individual squares, or sections of photos, like tiles on a floor. One of the most beautiful scrapbook ideas!

26. Make Envelopes from Old Magazine

Perfect place to hold your summer pictures. To get started, all you need is an old magazine, scissors, an envelope, a glue stick and a sharpie. Open up an envelope apart and trace it on a magazine page. Cut around the outline, fold down the four sides, then glue the edges of the flaps together. Done! You just made your own envelope!

27. Scrapbook with Plenty of colors

Summer is always fun and lively, so display fun and bright colors. Using bright and colorful layout is a brilliant technique to convey happiness, energy, and excitement. So, experiment and enjoy using color!

28. Apply Monotone Color Scheme

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