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Making the Toothpick Structure Pieces:

Now time for the fun part! The easiest way to have a successful structure is to think of actual architectural structures such as columns and beams which help to transfer weight to the ground.

Toothpick Columns

First create a mixture of tacky and regular glue. Using only regular glue is fine, just expect for it to dry slowly. To make a column of toothpicks, take seven toothpicks and coat them with a generous amount of glue. Using your fingers, gently and carefully make sure to coat all the toothpicks while grouping them together. There should be one toothpick in the middle and six toothpicks surrounding the middle one. Gently place this group of toothpicks on a regular sheet of paper and allow it to dry.

Toothpick Beams/Planks

Next, make the toothpick beam/planks. These are made in a similar manner as the toothpick columns. Use five toothpicks instead of seven and make sure not to group them together. Hold five glue coated toothpicks in one hand between you thumb and your index finger. Be careful not to press too hard because the toothpicks may be sharp. With your other hand, form the five toothpicks into a plank, making sure that the toothpicks are touching each other. Carefully slide your fingers across the plank of toothpicks to remove any excess glue and gently place each piece on a sheet of paper to allow them to dry.

Make sure to make a lot of toothpick columns and beams/planks. Once all the pieces have dried, remove them from their sheets and have them ready for assembly.

Note:Be careful not to hurt yourself. The toothpicks may be sharp. If you wish to cut their points off, do so with a knife or wire cutter scissors. If after the drying process some toothpick groups haven't fully stuck together, use a little super glue to glue them, just be careful not to use too much and to not get it on your fingers.

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