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The Belfast Monthly Magazine

Description: The Belfast Monthly Magazine is a publication from the nineteenth century, consisting of 77 issues. The journal focuses on subjects directly linked to Ireland and 'Irishmen' including the origins, history, antiquities, politics, language, and topography of Ireland. The journal also explores the links between Ireland and the world which would be of interest to, as it states, 'universal philosophers'. Regular literary contributions feature in the journal and have been edited by William Drennan (a significant radical figure of the time). Reviews of publications and poetry also appear, with many of the literary contributions unsigned. The poetry contained within this publication will consist of a mixture of eighteenth and nineteenth century styles, including "The O'Nial" (issue 3) and an Ulster-Scots poem entitled "My Ain Fire-Side" (issue 8). The magazine is mainly of a nationalist character and clearly supports reform of the 'Catholic Question'. Surprisingly though, its main readership at the time would have been mostly Protestant. The literary content diminishes sharply following 1809 with book reviews disappearing completely soon after. This journal would be of interest to scholars of the literature, history, politics, and language of Ireland in the nineteenth century.

Coverage: 1808-1814 (Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 13, No. 77)

Publication of this title ceased in 1814.

ISSN: 17581605

Subjects: Irish Studies, Area Studies

Collections: Ireland Collection

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